Products and Services for the Restoration and Conservation of Historical Heritage Buildings


Is a division of IBIX Srl. IBIX srl is one of the leading companies in the field of special cleaning and surface treatment and its technologies are well known all over the world.

IBIX has partners in more than 40 countries in the world. Our partners work together with us to develop new products and new solutions in the filed of Restoration, Special Cleaning, Urban Cleaning and Industrial cleaning.

Who we are

IBIX BIOCARE division was created by a group of people with great and long experience in the filed of Restoration, Stone degradation studies and stone protection. The team has always taken part in the international Seminars and conferences and It has worked with university in the development of specific training courses. All members of the division have taken part in analysis, diagnostics and management of restoration and conservation sites in Italy and Abroad.

What we do

Thanks to a very deep knowledge of this topic, it was possible to improve existing technologies and create new ones. IBIX BIOCARE developed a new scientific approach for the conservation and restoration of all kinds of buildings and of the Historical Heritage. 


L’ innovazione è il cuore del progetto IBIX, la nostra missione è realizzare e distribuire prodotti rivoluzionari, in grado di tracciare una linea netta rispetto al passato. Ci proponiamo di farlo nel rispetto dei nostri ideali di efficacia, semplicità, ecologia, sicurezza. 

  • Diagnostics with portable laboratory IBIX Mobile Lab.
  • Selective, low pressure mechanical cleaning of surfaces with great respect of Historic patina.
  • Non-invasive systems to stop rising damp based on Inductive electro-magnetic field.
  • Materials and product for stone protection.

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Quality, professionalism and experience in the Restoration of the Cultural Heritage.